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Welcome to Emerson College Digital Archives, Special Collections, and Exhibits

Explore our growing collection of unique digital records documenting the history of Emerson College, its students, alumni, and staff. Access archival materials such as student and staff publications; videos of Emerson College events, such as commencement ceremonies, move-in-day, and promotional videos of Emerson programs; and student organization records, such as Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interest (EBONI).

Top level collections

Expression Magazine

10/1/19, 2:06 PM

Emerson College Intercultural Student Affairs

5/5/20, 12:57 PM

Historical Emerson Photographs

6/4/20, 3:10 PM

Little Building News

6/12/20, 3:06 PM

Media Technologies and Production Department Videos

10/23/19, 3:53 PM

Emersonian Yearbooks

11/4/19, 6:24 PM

Emerson College Factbooks

11/30/20, 3:32 PM

Emerson College Student Handbooks

12/10/20, 4:23 PM

American Comedy Archives Oral Histories

12/10/19, 5:22 PM

Making it Big in 30 Minutes

2/14/22, 2:21 PM

Emerson College Beacon Magazine

4/22/22, 5:25 PM

WECB Student Organization Collection

9/27/22, 6:44 PM

Emerson Endures, Documenting COVID-19

4/28/20, 12:23 PM

Course Catalogues

6/17/20, 2:38 PM

Emerson College Southwick Recitals

4/6/20, 2:09 AM

Office of the President Videos

3/27/23, 5:35 PM

Charles Wesley Emerson Homestead Photographs Collection

4/17/20, 1:57 PM

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