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Flier promoting Posada, a Christmas Banquet and Celebration. Sponsored by AMIGOS and the Sisterhood of Asaboyah Psi.


5.5" x 8.8" green flier listing calendar events for the Amigos Film Discussion series of November 1994.


Amigos presents una semana de animo, corazon, y esperanza (a week of spirit, heart, and hope). March 22-27.


Gold-colored flier promoting Cinco de Mayo B.B.Q. at the Cultural Center on April 28th.


Large postcard, full color with photograph of three matadors, promoting a fiesta with international food, world music and open mic in the Cultural Center.


Promotional flier for regular meetings of Amigos, Emerson's Latino Organization, every Tuesday at the Cultural Center behind 132 Beacon St.


Small yellow single-fold flier serving as a general invitation to AMIGOS meeting - Emerson's Latino Organization for Everyone

1997 1998 circa

Poster promoting three Amigos events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 13,14 and 15. Events include a cabaret, salsa workshop, freestyle dance party, general meeting, film discussion and authentic Mexican food.

1997 1998 circa

Introduction to AMIGOS student group and the group's mission and giving contact information for group leaders: Isabel Berdeja, Nicolas Rodriguez Jr., and Carlos Serrato. Orange flier with a small squared cut-out at the bottom. Flier is undated, comprised entirely of text in a challenging font.

1993-1994 circa

Small envelope and card inviting Greg Lindsey to AMIGOS' Pasada, a Christmas banquet and celebration on Sunday, December 8, 1996 at the Student Union.


Promotional flier for AMIGOS meeting. All text is handwritten in Spanish. "Los invitamos a la primera reunión..." The flier is framed with the names of several Latin-American countries including Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, etc.


Promotional flier for AMIGOS meeting. Text is handwritten, primarily in English. "Come join us in the first meeting..." The flier is framed with the names of several Latin-American countries including Colombia, Panama, Argentina, etc.


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