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Group photo of the Admissions staff. Jane Brown, Dean of Admissions; Lauren McLean, Helen Cross, Scott MacPhetres and Anna Heidinger (seated right). Location: Admissions Lounge at One Arlington St.


Jane Brown in her office. Location: 100 Beacon St.


Photo portrait. Director of Admissions.


Photo portrait of Tobe Berkovitz, executive director of Continuing Education.


Jim Peckham stands beside a bookshelf with trophies. Wrestling coach and Director of Athletics at Emerson for 27 years.

John Barbetta, Executive director of Emerson College's European Center at Castle Well / Kasteel Well in Holland. Continuing education.

1990-05-01 - 1990-08-31

Anne Baker '64, casting director based out of Newton, Mass. Location: studio on Newbury St., Boston.


John Barbetta shakes hands with U.S. President George H.W. Bush. Location: The Hague, The Netherlands.


Anne Baker '64, casting director based out of Newton, Massachusetts. Location: studio on Newbury St., Boston.


Executive director of Emerson's European Center at Castle Well (Kasteel Well) in Holland.

Photo portrait of Wanda Bigham.


Ms. Bingham, seated in high back cushioned chair.


Photo portrait of Wanda Bigham.


Ms. Bigham, outdoors, holding an open box. Inside a large cookie or cake with icing that reads, "Congratulations President Bigham."


Photo portrait of Wanda Bigham.


An outdoor group photo, standing on the steps, under a building's arched ceiling. Pictured: (first row), Jenny Mitchell and Karen Couture, publications specialists, Sema Ullian, assistant director annual fund, Susan Ehrman, director of research and records, Ken Scott, alumni records specialist; (second row) Wanda Bigham, vice president for development and college relations, Elisa Wood, assistant director of public relations, John W. Carpenter, associate vice president for development, Carol Driscoll, secretary to vice president for development, Brooks Russell, director of special events; (third row) William Harrold, director of public relations, Larry Lowe, assistant to director of special events, John Collins, director of alumni relations, Kevin McClusky, director of annual fund, Tom Wiley. Missing from photo is Carol Ann Small, secretary of alumni relations.

1980 - 1999


Ms. Perry sits at her desk. A neighboring building is visible through the window side her. Catherine Perry, class of 1920, served as director for the newly opened Robbins Speech Clinic in 1953, and was chairman of Speech Pathology at Emerson College.


Outdoor shot of the couple.


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