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Emerson Endures: Documenting Our Shared COVID-19 Experience illustrates the affect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the Emerson College community; it contains original works created and submitted by faculty, staff, and students and includes writings, poetry, images, audio and video recordings, artwork, and other records illustrating the impact.


In April and May of 1969, Emerson's Black Organization with Natural Interests (EBONI) submitted ten proposals to Emerson College's then president to improve campus conditions for Black students. This bulk of this collection of digitized materials offers a unique perspective into student activism and the administration's response during this turbulent time. Included in the collection are reports, newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, and internal communication. Additional records from the 1980s-2000s document more recent events and programs sponsored by EBONI, and consist of fliers, posters, and programs.

1969 - 2012-04-05

A personal narrative on how COVID-19 has affected my college life and ELA experience.


Part 1) Is a 1st-person nonfiction narrative account of my experience back to Boston from Phoenix during this unsettling time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Part 2) Written in a fantastical alternate point-of-view that can read as “autobiographical fiction.”


This piece is a two part submission created as my final for my Art of Fiction class. Leaps of Maturity is a non-fiction piece that traverses into my thoughts as I was planning my trip home and the best course of action as the college decided to move all of its students off campus. Famished Husks is a fantastical fiction piece created to embody the central theme of Leaps of Maturity while establishing its own story - students trying to escape the city during a zombie apocalypse.


We are all essential.


Reported commentary of my experience leaving ELA


A nonfiction account of my plane flight back home.


My experience in lockdown in Argentina


A fictional account of my plane ride back home


A poem/lyric that is a call to unity and an offer of hope during these difficult and divisive times.


This is a fiction story that I wrote for my Art of Fiction class. I first wrote a nonfiction piece about my experience at home during COVID-19, then turned that piece into a fictional piece. In the nonfiction piece, I describe how my mother has taken to baking bread, and in the second piece I turn this idea of baking into a crazy tale... I don't want to give away the ending! I had a lot of fun writing this piece, and it has been a good way to cope with being home during this surreal time. Writing fictional tales is like an escape from the current situation of the world, and I will be writing many more pieces in the future!


A short commentary of a graduating senior on the crisis at hand.


This is a stream-of-consciousness-esque poem that embodies the frustration I was feeling. People dying each day from COVID-19. Black individuals dying at the hands of the police. The realization that we cannot trust the government to make the right decisions to protect us.


A recap of my experiences at ELA, which was suddenly disrupted by COVID-19.


A story and photo of neighbors helping neighbors.


A first person narrative account of the day that I lost my job due to COVID-19


It is a set of four poems on grief due to the pandemic.


A personal narrative on the moments leading to the pandemic, how it was handled after everyone abruptly left campus

2020-06-12 - 2020-06-15


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