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Catalogue cover in color, mostly a deep magenta background. Text content: "Master communication in a global business environment. Make your mark in the bold new world of Global Marketing Communication and Advertising with a master's degree at Emerson College's European Campus in Maastrict - the only program of its kind worldwide. Taught be an international faculty of leading scholars and experienced practitioners, this intensive 12-month master's degree prepares you to seize professional opportunities in the rapidly expanding global marketplace. The unique curriculum includes internships in professional settings in Europe or at Emerson's United States campus in Boston. As the international branch of Emerson College, the European Campus blends Europe's rich resources with a 113-year tradition of excellence in communication education. The Marketing and Advertising program at Emerson-Boston enjoys the highest enrollment of any such program in the U.S., as well as the highest percentage of international students. In Maastricht, Emerson's multicultural environment promises to be even more dynamic. So launch your exciting career in global marketing communication in Maastricht. The master's that puts the world at your feet." The Master's degree program in Global Marketing and Advertising was established at the EIIC in Maastricht in 1993.


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