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Program for the EBONI awards banquet of April 26, 1990 at the Park Plaza Hotel, Boston. Yellow paper, single fold, four panels.


Yellow poster promoting 8th Annual Cultural Week events, April 23-27. Toward Umoja: Meeting the 80's Together, and featuring Ivan Van Sertima and Jennifer Alicia Cover. Drawing in center of two stick figures with raised hands copyright Jojo79.


Poster promotion for Songs of Praise gospel concert with Clarence Thomson, Sr. & the New Spirits, contains a formal press shot of the five singers, all wearing suits. Performance to be held at First and Second Church on Marlborough Street, [Boston]. Sponsored by Religious Activities, EBONI, AHANA, Student Affairs.


Promotional poster for "EBONI Presents A Tribute to Black Men," a panel discussion featuring progressive African American men." Dated Thursday, Dec. 6, 1990.


Poster and sign-up sheet promoting a candle-lighting event to celebrate black heritage.


Poster promoting cultural event during AHANA Week, with storyteller Lavinia Nightsong Underwood.


Program for the EBONI awards banquet of April 26, 1990 at the Park Plaza Hotel, Boston. Yellow paper, single fold, four panels.


Poster promoting AHANA Food Festival, dated December 8, 1990


Program for the EBONI awards banquet of April 26, 1990 at the Park Plaza Hotel, Boston. Yellow paper, single fold, four panels.


Tri-color poster (black, red, green). Rendering of four hands clasping four wrists in a square and the African continent in the center. Under the title, African Unity, is a block of calendar dates for events during black history month 1995 at Emerson College.


Large poster promoting First World Affair events of April 26-29 featuring Vinie Burrows and Kalamu ya Salaam at Old South Church in Copley Square. Art shows black, brown and red hands clasping wrists, with copyright 1978 David E. Clark.


A multicolored poster promoting the 10th Annual Emerson Film Festival: A Showcase of Student Films, in 2010. Special make-up effects artist, Rick Baker is featured on the left side of the poster. Since 2000, the Emerson College Los Angeles campus has hosted an event to showcase student films and connect alumni to Emerson students. Today, the Emerson College Film Festival and LA Showcase screens student films from the Emerson and Los Angeles campuses with competitions and awards, workshops and lectures from industry figures. Info source: Berkeley Beacon 10/2/2014.


Promotion for three stage performances. Poster is colored black, white and magenta, with informal graphic and typography is divided into 10 equal frames. Text reads: The Deertrees Theatre, Harrison, Maine; Look Back in Anger by John Osborne; Bell, Book and Candle by John Van Druten; J.B. by Archibald Macleish; Curtain time for all shows 8:30, for reservations call 583-2310; Owned and operated by the Emerson College Center for the Performing Arts. In 1965, Emerson College purchased the Deertrees Theater in Harrison, Maine which housed a six credit summer theater program open to students from Emerson as well as other area colleges.

1965-05-01 - 1965-08-31

Catalogue cover in color, mostly a deep magenta background. Text content: "Master communication in a global business environment. Make your mark in the bold new world of Global Marketing Communication and Advertising with a master's degree at Emerson College's European Campus in Maastrict - the only program of its kind worldwide. Taught be an international faculty of leading scholars and experienced practitioners, this intensive 12-month master's degree prepares you to seize professional opportunities in the rapidly expanding global marketplace. The unique curriculum includes internships in professional settings in Europe or at Emerson's United States campus in Boston. As the international branch of Emerson College, the European Campus blends Europe's rich resources with a 113-year tradition of excellence in communication education. The Marketing and Advertising program at Emerson-Boston enjoys the highest enrollment of any such program in the U.S., as well as the highest percentage of international students. In Maastricht, Emerson's multicultural environment promises to be even more dynamic. So launch your exciting career in global marketing communication in Maastricht. The master's that puts the world at your feet." The Master's degree program in Global Marketing and Advertising was established at the EIIC in Maastricht in 1993.


A simple poster graphic contains a yellow map outlining the New England states centered in a circle, around which the words: Community, Sportsmanship, and Integrity are written. Over the map are the words: Great Northeast Atlantic Conference. In 1995, Emerson's men's athletic teams became charter members of the Great Northeast Atlantic Conference.


Promotional poster for Hip Hop Party at Emerson College, Sat. Nov. 15th at the Cabaret, sponsored by Amigos.

1997 1998 circa

Poster promoting three Amigos events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 13,14 and 15. Events include a cabaret, salsa workshop, freestyle dance party, general meeting, film discussion and authentic Mexican food.

1997 1998 circa

Poster serving as a general invitation to AMIGOS' first meeting of the year, Sept. 22 in the cultural center behind 132 Beacon.

1997 1998 circa

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