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The 1951-52 Debate Council posing for a group photo. Five people are seated and four more stand behind them. Emerson’s Intercollegiate Debate Program was first organized in 1948 and first offered for credit in 1951. From the very beginning, they were recognized as one of the outstanding teams in the New England area, and their reputation continues today as the Emerson Forensics Team.


Group photo of 13 smiling students on the set of the TV series, General Hospital. A girl sitting at a desk holds a telephone receiver. In 1986, Emerson College established the semester-long Los Angeles program, offering courses and internship credits to matriculated juniors and seniors.


Smartly-dressed students pose for a group photo with Emerson Professor of Mass Communications, George Quenzel (kneeling, right) and Emerson’s Director of Special Events, Brooks Russell. They are holding up a newspaper headline that reads: “Emerson Students Looking for Jobs in L.A.”. Emerson students made their first organized trip to Los Angeles in 1980, under the leadership of Lenny Riendeau and George Quenzel. Students found it such a rewarding experience that the trip it was repeated the next year. The 1981 trip is pictured here. This four-week long, credit-bearing course, titled Hollywood Seminar: Techniques in Comedy, was held during winter intersession. The 1981 trip included studio tours, tapings, readings and interviews. The itinerary listed the following visits: The Jeffersons, Games People Play, Soap, Happy Days, CBS News, M*A*S*H, Lou Grant, The Merv Griffin Show, Wheel of Fortune, Academy of T.V. Arts & Sciences, Bob Keene (scenic designs and techniques), American Film Institute (AFT), American Music Awards, Archie Bunker’s Place, Mork and Mindy, The Johnny Carson Show, ABC, West Side Waltz, a tour of Disney Land, and a tour of Universal City.


Emerson's Debate Council: Gertrude Hubbard '56, Vincent Bevilacqua '57, John Pietromonaco '58, Haig Marderosian '54, Otilio Gorospe, Jr., pose with their trophy from a 1955 debate tournament.


Denis Leary with two unidentified women. Leary stands with arms crossed gazing down at papers held by one of the seated women. Comedian Denis Leary '79 is one of the founders of the Emerson Comedy Workshop, which is sponsored by the Writing Department. During the 1970s, co-curriculars developed as important training grounds for Emerson's future comedy greats, including Eddie Brill, Denis Leary, Jay Leno and Steve Wright.


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