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Robert Hillman's clarification on behalf of the finance department on EBONI's financial proposals.



A story and photo of neighbors helping neighbors.


Front cover. "Commencement 1960." Image of 100 Beacon St. apartment building, related to a story that starts on page 3. Includes "Audio: the Editor's Corner" and table of contents. Credits: Nan W. Carney '56, President of the Council; Madeline A. Chaffee '27, Chairman, Publications Committee; John R. Chase '56, Director of Alumni Relations; Anthony K. Van Riper, Editor; Leah C. Scott, Assistant Editor. "The Final Convocation." Includes schedule of events for Spring 1960 Commencement and assorted photographs. "Short Takes," described as "news and notes of Emersonian interest." "Telephone Pledges Pass $1,500" and "New York Alumni Meet." Photograph of alumni who participated in a telephone fundraiser. "A Bequest to Emerson," "373 Commonwealth Sold," "New Placement Officer," Emerson Goes to Pops May 29," and "Psych Club Collection Begun." "Interim Report: The $10,000 Question" and "The Box Score" "Alumnews."


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