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Letter requesting to meet with Mooneyne as the official representative of EBONI.


Poster serving as a general invitation to AMIGOS' first meeting of the year, Sept. 22 in the cultural center behind 132 Beacon.

1997 1998 circa

Promotional flier for regular meetings of Amigos, Emerson's Latino Organization, every Tuesday at the Cultural Center behind 132 Beacon St.


Small yellow single-fold flier serving as a general invitation to AMIGOS meeting - Emerson's Latino Organization for Everyone

1997 1998 circa

Flier from multicultural group, A.S.I.A., inviting readers to a general meeting, dinner, discussion and movie showing of the film The Circle.


Professor Bender's letter to the Emerson College faculty calling for a special meeting of the faculty and Moonyene Jackson, President of E.B.O.N.I. to discuss "the E.B.O.N.I. point of view concerning their proposals" and "to discuss the future role of the Faculty in the governing of Emerson College."


Photocopy of a manuscript writing about a meeting on Wednesday at 4:00PM to talk about EBONI proposals. Handwritten content reads: "FACULTY MEETING, 4:00 pm Wednesday, Union #21, April 30, agenda: EBONI PROPOSALS."


Small rose-colored flier promoting AMIGOS student group. Text reads: Support the alliance!!! Be there: The Alliance Open Forum.

1994 circa

Promotional flier for AMIGOS meeting. Text is handwritten, primarily in English. "Come join us in the first meeting..." The flier is framed with the names of several Latin-American countries including Colombia, Panama, Argentina, etc.


Promotional flier for AMIGOS meeting. All text is handwritten in Spanish. "Los invitamos a la primera reunión..." The flier is framed with the names of several Latin-American countries including Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, etc.


Flier announcing first 1999 meeting of ASIA student group (Asian Students for Intercultural Awareness)


Held on Friday, May 9, 1969 at 1:30PM in the President's Office. President Chapin and EBONI's Moonyene Jackson negotiate on whether or not the college administration will grant amnesty to protestors for their past and future actions.


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