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1985 circa

Madeline Heller Tartell at her pharmacy in New York.

Photo portrait of William Spink in a paisley-patterned suite jacket.

Jack Weir in the television production control room. Weir was a pioneer in broadcasting operations and engineering, known for leading the change in network distribution from terrestrial (phone lines) to satellite, and for his role in coverage of the Olympics, with a 40-year career at NBC. He was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2012.


Print of Paul Aaron in cowboy hat and sunglasses with a horse standing behind him. Aaron was creator and host of the western radio show, "Cowboy Joe's Radio Ranch,'' on WKCR-FM 89.9 from Columbia University, New York.


Photo portrait of Craig Worthing in the studio. Talk radio host. Worked at WKAT, WFTL and WNIZ in Florida.


Photo portrait of Walter Sperr. Studied Mass Communication and Journalism at Emerson College; Executive Vice-President of Richard Weiner, Inc. Public Relations; Managing Director of Trent & Company, Inc.

Andrew Weeks at the microphone.

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