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Proposed statement of the Ad Hoc Committee for the faculty position on the President's response to the 10 Demands. The typed document includes edits in pen. Present at the Ad Hoc Committee meeting were Boros, Harris, Klim, Littlefield, Lindgren, Luterman, Marderosian, McAllister, Mitchell, Ward, and Zacharis.


Handwritten draft giving credit to the students of EBONI for awakening "our moral conscious," and thank you to Elma Lewis and members of the Black community outside of Emerson College.

Memorandum to the faculty from President Richard Chapin. Also includes an attached letter to Mooneyne Jackson from President Chapin.


Produced by EBONI, this document includes the student proposals submitted to President Chapin, along with his response and details the events and promises made.


In an 11-page letter to EBONI organizers, President Chapin addresses each of their 10 demands in detail.

Press Release summary and a letter to Moonyene Jackson from President Chapin in regards to the three proposals not accepted on the May 1st.


Two-page typed document, signed and dated by hand with some handwritten edits which details ten proposed changes to the college for the purpose of supporting black/African-American students and developing a greater awareness and presence of African-American persons and educational content in the college curriculum.


A flier for an event co-hosted by EBONI and Emerson professors to "compare and contrast the social justice movement of KONY 2012 to Trayvon Martin." Alt. title: "Kony & Trayvon."


Front page news stories in the college paper entitled "EBONI Spurs Teach-in" and "White Students Take Action in Support of EBONI."


A draft of President Richard Chapin's address to the Emerson community about EBONI's proposals to the Administration.

Letter urging continued support for EBONI's proposals. Begins with highly critical reaction to Emerson College's response and accuses the college of institutional racism. Also includes an invitation to observe Malcolm X's birthday in the student union and attend a benefit concert/dance for the Black Fellowship Fund to be held in the Emerson theater. The document is not dated and the authors are not identified.


Memorandum to Emerson Chairman of the Planning Forum, Dr. Ursul, on the EBONI proposals and a request to consider them.


Signed petitions to the president, administration, and Board of Trustees from white students in solidarity with EBONI's demands and a declaration that they will not attend their classes until the demands have been met.


Copy of an article written by Kay Bourne on the EBONI Demands. Published in the Bay State Banner, Boston, Mass.


In April and May of 1969, Emerson's Black Organization with Natural Interests (EBONI) submitted ten proposals to Emerson College's then president to improve campus conditions for Black students. This bulk of this collection of digitized materials offers a unique perspective into student activism and the administration's response during this turbulent time. Included in the collection are reports, newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, and internal communication. Additional records from the 1980s-2000s document more recent events and programs sponsored by EBONI, and consist of fliers, posters, and programs.

1969 - 2012-04-05

Front page news stories in the college paper entitled "EBONI Spurs Teach-in" and "White Students Take Action in Support of EBONI."


A personal narrative on how COVID-19 has affected my college life and ELA experience.


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