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Yellow poster promoting 8th Annual Cultural Week events, April 23-27. Toward Umoja: Meeting the 80's Together, and featuring Ivan Van Sertima and Jennifer Alicia Cover. Drawing in center of two stick figures with raised hands copyright Jojo79.


Gold colored flier for Cultural Week 1980 contains a calendar table listing events from April 20 through April 25. Sponsored by E.B.O.N.I., Emerson College. Events relate to African American cultural heritage.


Poster promoting cultural event during AHANA Week, with storyteller Lavinia Nightsong Underwood.


Large poster promoting First World Affair events of April 26-29 featuring Vinie Burrows and Kalamu ya Salaam at Old South Church in Copley Square. Art shows black, brown and red hands clasping wrists, with copyright 1978 David E. Clark.


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