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This piece is a two part submission created as my final for my Art of Fiction class. Leaps of Maturity is a non-fiction piece that traverses into my thoughts as I was planning my trip home and the best course of action as the college decided to move all of its students off campus. Famished Husks is a fantastical fiction piece created to embody the central theme of Leaps of Maturity while establishing its own story - students trying to escape the city during a zombie apocalypse.


An experimental short film/art vlog documenting the transition between leaving Boston and arriving back home in Tucson

2020-06-12 - 2020-06-14

This video was created for my final project in Ken Cheeseman's Acting for the Camera class. It is made up of footage I took leaving my 3 week quarantine in Boston, briefly stopping at my grandparents' house in Delaware, and finally arriving home in Chesterfield, VA where I am now. The project was inspired by the limitations I have experienced in learning how to create film and most notably the restrictions on movement given the circumstances of quarantine.


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